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Get to know UK singer “Rodericka Seaman”

Get to know UK singer “Rodericka Seaman”

Rodericka Seaman, a London-based gospel singer, songwriter, and worship leader. She endeavors to ignite the passion for Jesus Christ. She was born in Bermuda, an island off the U.K.  

Raised in a musical family, Seaman discovered a passion for singing at the age of three. Seaman’s participation in music class and recitals received a music excellence award from Port Royal Primary School. Bermuda’s Dunbarton School of Music awarded her scholarship. Her emotional and versatile voice is reflected in her first single  “The Cross.” 


Black Girls Blog ATL: Can you describe your church background? Where did it all start?


Rodericka Seaman (RS): Church was mandatory. My mother was hungry for the presence of God, so we attend various churches throughout the week. I can remember attending healing and deliverance sessions, special programs, and mid-week services. You name it, my mother took us there and then sent us off early to school the same morning. She believed in training up a child.


BGBATL: How else has your mom impacted you and your relationship with God?


RS: One of the greatest lessons my mother taught me at the age of 12, in combination with my Christian beliefs, is faith and boldness. She took me to a part of town, where drug addicts were and [said], “Stand there. Open up your mouth and sing because this is what you were created to do.” As I began to sing, it felt as if warm oil was being poured on me. The presence of God fell strongly, drawing the attention of those around me. It was there that I witnessed the power of God, as drug addicts moved to repentance. Later, [they] came to testify that they were instantly delivered from addictions.


BGBATL: Who are some of your other influences?


RS: Cece Winans played a significant role in changing my music. I appreciate the uniqueness of her voice, her grace, and the humility that emanates out of her. It’d be a joy to work with Anthony Evans one day. I recognize similarities of myself in his music. His work is incredible.
John Davis [the real voice of Milli Vanilli] also influenced me by taking me underneath his wing as part of his family, like a niece. He took me to his shows; it was through his encouragement and inspiration that I learned how to record.


BGBATL: Your single “The Cross” talks about sharing the message of Christ to people, even if they reject it. Have you ever rejected Jesus’ message at one point? How did you eventually accept the word?


RS: All of my life, I have been accepting of the fact that Christ loves me. Even during the years when I was not living a Christian life, I acknowledged God by tithing regularly. At 13, I had a supernatural encounter, where I had a vision of heaven. This helped me to surrender to Jesus’ message later on in life. After experiencing multiple challenges, I embarked on a journey of surrendering my life to Him in 2007. It was through experiences of brokenness that I came to accept the message of Christ. In 2016, it became evident to me that I had not fully submitted certain parts of my life to Jesus, and I re-dedicated my life to [Him].


BGBATL: Did any other experiences lead you closer to God?


RS: I suffered severe insecurities [from] abuse as a child, along with an absentee father. It resulted in me searching for love in all the wrong places. I knew I loved God and that He was real. Unforutaently,  my experiences with broken trust permit me to fully surrender. When I moved to Germany, the insecurities I had heightened, and they began to display themselves in negative behavior, such as hanging out with the wrong crowd. I discovered that partying was not filling the void.
One day, I was introduced to a pastor and worship leader. He encouraged me to come to church as I was, hang-ups and all. He invited me to join the choir. The very same passion that I had for singing gospel was the very same thing God used to bring me back.


BGBATL: What can people expect from your album?


RS: My producer Elvis E. and I are working on my album now. We will therefore,  release soon. Fans can expect an impartation of healing, deliverance, and restoration. The album will reflect God’s heart and my passion for people from all walks of life, steps from my life. I believe that the things I have gone through will resonate with listeners.

Fans can connect with Rodericka Seaman via her Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and her YouTube channel.

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